Tennis instruction is provided by our new tennis pro Dave Hayden.

The Valley Brook Tennis Clinic is offered to players of various skills and abilities. The clinic is for players from grades 1 to 12. Players can expect a combination of technique practice, games, and match play at the clinic. Different variations of games are played depending on age, ability, and favorites among players. The goal of the tennis clinic is for each player to improve their tennis skills and knowledge through fun and exciting games and friendly competition. We want every player to have a smile on their face the entire tennis clinic!

The Valley Brook Tennis Clinic is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with matches scheduled throughout the season. The clinic begins June 6th and runs for 7 weeks through July 22nd. Time slots will be determined based on the number of participants and skill levels. After the first week, the pro(s) will sort the players based on availability. The total cost of the clinic is $100 and the planned schedule is as followed:

Grades 9-12
From 10:30am – 12:00pm M-W-F

Grades 1-4
From 12:00pm – 1:00pm M-W-F

Grades 5-8 (Session 1)
From 1:00pm – 2:00pm M-W-F

Grades 5-8 (Session 2 –ONLY IF NEEDED)
From 2:00pm – 3:00pm M-W-F

Match Competition:
Select Valley Brook players will have the opportunity to compete against other local tennis clubs. The match days are dependent on team availability and will be scheduled throughout the season. Players will be able to apply their skills and understanding of tennis through clinic and private lessons to compete against other club teams.

Not all players will participate in the matches. Coach Dave will choose the players that participate, considering the tennis skills and knowledge of each player. We want players who understand the concepts of matches and can consistently rally the ball. There are no permanently selected match players, so each player has equal opportunity to be chosen for match days.

Tennis Pro

Dave Hayden

phone: (412) 735-6477

Private Lessons

Private lessons are also available for $40 per hour. Please contact Dave to schedule a lesson

2022 Private and Group Tennis Lessons 

Private Tennis Lessons and Group Tennis Lessons:

Private lessons focus on individual tennis needs. The coaches have the ability to concentrate one-on-one with the player. Private lessons cater to the skills and abilities of each player. The structure of each private lesson varies, depending on the abilities of the player. Friends often decide to take tennis lessons together, and Small group lessons also provide tennis guidance with a maximum of four players. Private and Group lessons can help players who want to focus on certain aspects of their game that they cannot concentrate on during clinics. Lessons can also help players who want to improve their tennis ability, so they can participate in match competitions. 


Private and Group tennis lessons are $40 dollars per hour.  Players should contact Tennis Pro – Dave Hayden directly to schedule times that work best. Scheduling is very flexible and caters to the times best for each player. In the event that a player needs to cancel a lesson, it is requested that the Pro is informed at least 24 hours in advance.