Valley Brook is a non-profit member owned club dedicated to fun for the family and individuals. All members invest over time (or initially) in a $500 certificate that supports the Club facilities. The certificate includes a $350 Bond which can be sold back to the Club when a member resigns ($150 is non-refundable). A member has access to all the Club amenities Memorial Day through Labor Day and use of the tennis courts from April 1 through November 30th. Members have the opportunity to purchase guest passes and may bring an unlimited number of guests but any local individual guest is limited to five visits per season. 

We offer three levels of membership:

Family Membership:

Covers member, Spouse and relatives permanently residing in the household.


Note for working families: A babysitter is included in the family membership as long as he or she is accompanying the kids at times when the adult family members are not at the facility (For example, on the weekdays when the adult family members are working). 
NEW FOR 2020 SEASON: A non-household student that is being cared for my a member family for the summer can also be added to the family membership for $75. This person must attend the pool with the bond-holder. Valid for the 2020 season only.

Senior Individual Membership:

Available to individuals 55 years and over for full use of facilities.


After 4pm Membership:

Geared to the working individual. This program offers all the amenities other other membership after 4:00pm each day.


Two memberships purchased on the same bond are identified as After 4 Memberships

Payment Plans 

Option 1, Easy Payment Plan* - $635 for 4 years: The cost of the $500 certificate is deferred over four years for $150. The annual payment for the first 4 years is just $635 ($150 plus $485 Annual Dues). This plan includes an additional $25 service charge per year. The fifth and remaining years will only require the Annual Dues payment, currently $485 

Option 2, Full Payment Plan* - $985: Most new members choose to pay the $500 certificate and $475 Annual Dues at the time of joining. Therefore, the first year payment is $500 + $485 = $985. The second and remaining years will only require the Annual Dues payment, currently $485. 

*Payment options are Check or Credit Card. 

Note: if choosing the Senior Individual or After 4pm Membership, please substitute $295 or $145 as the Annual Dues in the plans above. Also, any promotion discounts can be subtracted from the total.

If you have any questions, contact us at (412) 219-3188 or  Thank you for your interest in our club!

Valley Brook Swim & Tennis Club, PO Box 11101 Pittsburgh, PA 15237

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