The following Rules and Regulations are for the protection and benefit of all individuals. These rules have been established to assure safe and sanitary operation of the club facilities. Parents are especially requested to caution their children to observe all rules and obey all instructions of the Club Manager and staff. Failure to comply with these rules shall be considered sufficient cause for cancellation of membership. Your wholehearted cooperation is solicited >

  1. All persons using the pool, tennis or other facilities do so at their own risk. The Club will not be responsible for any accident, injury, loss or damages to personal property in connection with use of club facilities.
  2. Every member must register each day he or she uses the pool facilities.
  3. Children 11 years of age and under MUST be accompanied by a responsible person 15 and over, except when participating in individual or group instruction. The Club Manager has the right to require adult supervision of any child.
  4. Any activity, which is hazardous to anyone on the Club premises, will not be tolerated.
  5. NO SMOKING is allowed inside the pool gated area.
  6. Bathers must leave the pool area during the threat of a storm, i.e. Thunder or Lightning.
  7. No glass of any kind is permitted on premises.
  8. Pets are not allowed at the Club.
  9. No horseplay will be tolerated- no running, pushing, wrestling, etc.
  10. Abusive language or harassment of others will not be tolerated.
  11. Food/Beverages are permitted only in the Pavilion and picnic areas.
  12. Lounge chairs may not be reserved.
  13. After use, please return chairs or lounges to the original place they were found.
  14. During heavy attendance periods, chaise lounges and straight chairs are reserved for adults (16 years and over) only.
  15. No alcoholic beverages will be sold, brought in, or otherwise consumed on the Club Property.
  16. Scooters, skateboards or skates/rollerblades may not be brought onto or used on Club property.
  17. Members shall drive slowly and carefully on driveway and parking areas. A 15-MPH Speed Limit will be strictly enforced.
  18. Members and guests must use Club parking lots. Absolutely no parking is permitted on Callender Road or any public street.
  19. All bicycle riders shall ride carefully and park their bikes in designated areas.
  20. Motorcycles and motorbikes are permitted on Club property for transportation only.
  21. The cost of any damage to Club property will be charged to the responsible member.


  1. The primary purpose of the Pool Rules is to insure the safety & health of all members. Any activity deemed hazardous to participants or others will be immediately halted.
  2. Only children five years & under may use the Baby Pool. Children in the Baby Pool area MUST have adult supervision! Baby Pool gates must be kept closed.
  3. No diving or jumping into Baby Pool.
  4. Squirt guns, small toys, toys made of metal and small balls are not permitted in either pool.
  5. No gum chewing in either pool.
  6. Disposable diapers should not be worn in either pool. Please use swim diapers. Wash hands after changing child’s diaper.
  7. Bathers must shower before entering pool. Proper swim attire is required.
  8. Anyone with skin abrasions, open sores, rashes, colds, coughs, inflamed eyes, infections, other illness or wearing bandages shall be refused pool admission.
  9. Pool floats, inner tubes, and personal rafts are ONLY allowed during non-peak hours daily from 4:00-8:00pm. 
  10. Arm floats, inner tubes, and personal rafts are not life saving devices; their use in the main pool by children will require direct parental or adult supervision.
  11. The Club Manager/Head Guard has final approval regarding the use of floats, inner tubes, balls and other swimming accessories, and can restrict use any time (for example, if the pool is busy).
  12. All floatation devices are restricted to the shallow end of the pool only.
  13. Lifeguard chairs are “Off Limits” to all. The lifeguard whistle is the law and must be obeyed by everyone!
  14. Adult swims will be on the hour unless the Club Manager or Assistant Manager deems otherwise. Lap swimmers have the right-of-way.
  15. The pool will be closed for swimming during periods of unseasonable cold temperatures and lightning storms at the discretion of the Manager.
  16. The swimming lap lane is for swimming laps only. Please keep the lane open.
  17. Anyone appearing to show difficulty while swimming will be asked to pass a competency test before entering deep water. Parents may ask any guard to test their child for deep water competency before allowing them to enter deep water.


  1. Catching children off the diving board is not permitted.
  2. No flotation devices are permitted on the diving board.
  3. One person on the board at one time.
  4. One bounce on the board per dive.
  5. No sitting or hanging on the board.
  6. No diving or jumping toward the side of the pool.
  7. Each diver is responsible for the area under the board and may not dive until they are sure the area is clear of swimmers. No one may jump from the board until the preceding person has reached the side.

Guest Policy

  1. Active members can purchase up to two (2) books of ten (10) guest tickets at the time of dues payment and at the front desk. No individual guest passes can be purchased at the front desk. Guest passes expire three years after issuance.
  2. Members must be present at the facility when a guest uses a guest pass and are fully responsible for ensuring the guest understands and obeys the pool rules. The rules are posted at the front desk.
  3. Separate guest passes must be used for each guest and include the name of guest and bond number of the accompanying member. The guest name must also be entered by the guard into the ipad during front desk registration. All adult guests must present valid identification.
  4. Guests are classified as In-town and Out-of-town. Restrictions apply to BOTH Adults and Children
    1. In-Town Guests live within the Pittsburgh area and are limited to a total of five visits per season.
      • Note: This applies to the guest regardless of the member who accompanies them.
    2. Out-of-Town Guests live outside the Pittsburgh area. These guests can visit the pool for more than five visits but must be registered separately at the front desk and approved by the Pool Manager. 
        1. Note: this typically applies when family from out of town visits a member.
  5. The Pool Manager will settle any misunderstanding regarding guests.

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