Please note, in order for the pool to open the staff and membership must understand and follow the CDC guidelines, shared for your reference here:

CDC Guidelines

Pennsylvania Guidelines

Please, DO NOT come to the club if you or anyone in your household:

Exhibits or is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 Have received a positive test result for COVID-19 Has come in contact with someone who has received a positive test for COVID-19 Has traveled to a high-risk area in the past 14 days

In addition to the CDC and County guidelines, we ask that you carefully read the following procedures which will apply to all staff, members and member’s families.

Operating Procedures

  • The Club is open for MEMBERS ONLY
    • No Guests will be allowed at this time (this may change as the season progresses).
    • Babysitters are not considered guests as they are intended to be at the Club in lieu of a parent or grandparent. 
  • All members and families are required to present their membership card when they check in at the front desk. Staff at the front desk will log all entries electronically. If you don’t have your card you WILL NOT be admitted.
    • If you need a replacement card, please send an email to
    • The cost for replacement cards is $5.00/each. 
  • There will be no limitations on entrance to the Club at this time, as long as social distancing measures are maintained throughout the grounds/pool and members adhere to all procedures and policies. 
  • Chairs, Tables, picnic tables will be set up with adequate spacing to allow distancing of family groups and CANNOT BE MOVED. 
  • Members are required to use a towel on chairs and picnic table seats.
  • Members are required to wipe down their chairs, tables, etc when they leave the Club for the day. Cleaning supplies will be made available.
  • Staff will regularly clean and sanitize all handrails, ladders and other frequently touched surfaces. Additional cleaning supplies will be available for Members if they have concerns. 
  • Staff will do cleaning sweeps at regularly scheduled intervals during the day.
  • Members are encouraged, but not required, to wear masks when on the pool deck as long as social distancing measures are maintained. 
  • Members will be required to bring their own athletic equipment for the time being (pool toys, balls, racquets, paddles, etc).
  • Lifeguards on guard duty CANNOT monitor distancing or other guidelines. Their sole responsibility is the safety of swimmers in the pool.
  • If a Member has concerns about distancing, CDC guidelines or the Club’s procedures, the Manager/Head Guard is the appropriate point of contact.

Available Facilities

  • When the pool opens, the snack bar will not be available. We anticipate the snack bar opening at some point, more details to follow.
  • All athletic fields and facilities will be open, including the tennis courts, the basketball court, the fields and the playground. Members and their families are responsible for following appropriate social distancing guidelines.
  • Restrooms and Showers will be open. The ventilation fans will be on and staff will regularly clean and sanitize.
  • Water fountain will be open, staff will regularly clean and sanitize.
  • Diving Board will be open, members and their families are responsible for following appropriate social distancing guidelines, cues will be provided for the line.
  • Tennis clinics are on hold for the time being. We are coordinating with our tennis instructors to formalize a plan for smaller clinics and/or private lessons. More info to follow.

While we recognize that these procedures will impact the interactions between our members and staff, we feel that with your cooperation and adherence to these procedures we will be able to operate safely and provide a place for our families to spend time together this summer. As local restrictions/guidelines change, the board will revisit these policies and issue updates as required. 

Most importantly, if you do not feel comfortable joining the Club this season, we understand. We have asked bond holders who do not join this season to consider providing a one-time non-refundable deposit of $150 in order to maintain the Club’s financially stability. Thank you to the many families that have already submitted this deposit. We appreciate your commitment to the Club in these uncertain times. 

Without all of you, Valley Brook would not be such an important part of our community. During these strange circumstances we ask for members to be kind and thoughtful to one another and to our staff.

Valley Brook Swim & Tennis Club, PO Box 11101 Pittsburgh, PA 15237

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